“What is expected from me?” and goodbye



Yesterday I had a special moment in the company … I was asked to introduce a new trainee to RB.
This is the third time that I have done this. All of them have the same doubts - the same doubts I had 2½ years ago.

The main questions are: “What is expected from me?”, “What is the decision making process like?”, “What is the work environment here like?”

So it is worth answering those questions because we can identify different profiles with similar energy, speed, dynamism working to bring profit and SOM.
It all boils down to: Working hard and ethically and coming up with profitable ideas.

So, it’s time to say goodbye. This is my last post here.

Now you will hear from Brazil through Patricia All Wahch. Being a blogger was an interesting role…

It was really nice “blogging” with you.


Take care!




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