The RB R&D ‘Year in Industry’ placement scheme – what’s it really like?


A few weeks back Allan gave an insight from a summer placement student he worked with in Supply at the RB Nottingham site.
I thought I would follow suit and asked our current R&D Aircare student, Mandi, to give you an insight into what it is like to work for RB as an R&D ‘Year in Industry’ placement.

Generally we look for high achieving students who have completed their first two years in a relevant degree specialism and have a keen interested into working in a FMCG R&D role following university.
Mandi is the perfect example of this and as you will read below, she is thoroughly enjoying developing valuable experience through her time with RB.
If you are currently at university and considering a completing an industrial placement this may provide a very useful insight to the experience you could gain:

Mandeep at RB

“A little about me – My name is Mandeep, I am a student of Aston University and will graduate in 2011 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. I am currently taking a Year in Industry in R+D for the Airwick brand.

While searching through year in industry opportunities, I wanted to be part of a company that offered something different from the usual, and it was for this reason that RB stood out for me. I was enticed by the variety of different areas and categories of research that RB is involved with and was excited to become part of a team working on cutting edge product technologies.

The main reason I chose to be a part of RB is that I wanted to be where things are growing, developing and progressing and I wanted the chance to make a meaningful contribution to that process.
So far RB hasn’t failed to meet my expectations.
From the beginning of my placement I have been given projects and tasks that allow me to experience all areas of the Airwick new product development process, from developing ideas for new products and sourcing new technologies, to turning ideas into working models and enhancing a developed product further.
I have also worked with consumers and an internal panel to gain insight into how we can improve and make our products the best on the market!

AirWick Freshmatic i-motion

It’s surprising how “RB infatuated” you become – two weeks into the placement I remember selling the benefits of Freshmatic to my dad – and there is still something exciting about walking down the household isle in the supermarket and seeing all of the wonderful Airwick brand creations!
All of this is an indication of the sense of pride you feel to be a part of the RB community, and how passionate you become about the products you are developing.

Aircare is an extraordinary category to work in, and provides a fantastic learning experience. I am part of the innovation team which is right at the front end of product development. The puzzle starts with a concept for a new consumer desired product and we then turn to science and technology to bring the product to life.
I am six months into my placement and haven’t yet had two identical days. It is a challenging and fun experience and has provided an opportunity not only to apply things I have learnt at university to real world problems, but also to learn a lot about the work environment of a global company.

The range of product formats (from candles to plug-ins to auto sprays) means there is a wide range of projects underway at any one time. During your placement you will be given the chance to work alongside a number of people with varying expertise from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, who are all friendly and willing to offer advice.

If you are a creative problem solver, and you dare to be part of the best – a position with RB is the position for you.”

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After Mandi completes her year with us at RB she will return to finish her degree in Chemical Engineering and we hope that following this experience she will be eager to apply for the RB Graduate Programme.
A ‘Year in Industry’ placement can be a rewarding and valuable opportunity to get a taste of what working for a company is like, and in many cases once placement students have spent this year with RB they are keen to quickly finish university so they can return to work for us as soon as possible!

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The RB R&D 'Year in Industry' placement scheme - what's it really like?, 9.3 out of 10 based on 39 ratings
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13 Responses to “The RB R&D ‘Year in Industry’ placement scheme – what’s it really like?”

  1. sakina says:

    its not a comment
    can u please tell me How i apply for the job in Pakistan?

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  2. indy says:

    Hi Sakina, thank you for your interest in RB. Please send through your CV to, outlining the position you are interested in.

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  3. ankita says:

    i am really intrested for working as an intern,could you please specify me the details of internship in india..i searched the sight but couldnt find internship programme in india..

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  4. june says:

    I will like to apply for the internship in malaysia. Can you please tell me how apply for the internship in Malaysia?

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  5. yous says:

    how to apply for an internship in july..from pakistan-khi?..i did send my cv this year and previous year but noone replied

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  6. Ojesanmi peter says:

    I am a part-time student in Nigeria and i want to build a career how can i apply?

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  7. Arpit Kala says:


    Please tell me how a fresher can apply for marketing profile in rb in India?

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  8. Sunny says:

    I am from Bangladesh.
    I am ineterested to work with RB in its marketing department, like Brand Management or any other opportunity in Marketing department. My major was in Finance and minor was in Marketing during my undergraduation. But i believe i can do well in marketing as i have done some core courses of Marketing. Is it necessary to have concentration in Marketing to work in Marketing of RB?
    can i forward my resume to any address?

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  9. shah says:


    How can I complaint the RB owner or other responsible person. please I want to discuss some serious issues. for RB Pakistan


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  10. Rosa says:

    Hi Shah,

    Please get in touch with our consumer relations team here and they will be able to help you with this.

    Thanks! :)

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  11. Himanshu says:


    I am a Third Year Undergraduate in Department of Chemical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur, India. I am interested in doing an internship as Manufacturing Engineer Intern. I would be grateful if you could guide me for the same.

    +91 86045 48703

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  12. Cindy says:

    Thank you for your message. To find out more about our internship programs please visit to find out about our current job postings.



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  13. Debajyoti says:

    Just a follow up to my previous comment.I am pursuing a 5 year dual degree programme(BTech+Mtech)in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur.Hence I am looking for an industry cum corporate experience after my fourth year prior to my final year.


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