One year in RB and over 5000 miles across the globe


Who would have thought that in less that one year since my MSc graduation I would be based on the opposite side of the world working for one of the leading FMCG companies?

Well that’s exactly what I’m doing! Following a one year placement in the RB R&D Centre of Excellence in the UK, I am now based in the Incheon, S.Korea office for six months. This amazing opportunity is allowing me to not only gain experience in the challenging ‘scientific services’ function of RB, but also learn about completely new culture and lifestyle to the one I’m used to in Europe. So you may ask how it is possible to arrange such a diverse placement? With RB you simply have to ask!

The culture we have actively encourages international movements therefore when I communicated to my new director that I was eager to explore a placement in Korea he gave me all the positive backing I required to make my dream a real opportunity.

I’ve been based in Korea for a couple of weeks now and I’m enjoying every moment of the experience. The role I am currently working in is to support the launch of new products and relaunch of existing products in the East Asia market. All the timescales are very short (the product will generally be launched in less than 6 months) therefore the work is enjoyably fast paced and challenging. I’m mainly working on local fabric care products, and to assist in my knowledge of this field RB supported a training trip where I visited our main fabric care R&D site just outside of Venice, Italy.

If you are interested in working in research and development and want a job which is dynamic, constantly evolving and excitingly challenging then I would strongly suggest considering applying to RB’s graduate scheme. Then who knows, it could be you sat in the Korean office in a couple of years time!

If you have any broad or specific questions about the RB R&D graduate programme please feel free to post questions below this blog and I’ll aim to share my knowledge and experiences in more detail.

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One year in RB and over 5000 miles across the globe, 10.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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