Why ‘One team, one heart’ = our core values


If you have read anything about RB then you’ll know by now that our core values are essential to how our business is so successful. Since relocating to the Korean business I have seen some examples of how these core values are displayed and used to their fullest. The RB Iksan factory, based on the East of Korea has one motto which is displayed proudly throughout the building – ‘One team, one heart’. These four simple words (well three if you don’t count the one twice!) sum up all four of our core values perfectly.

To have a successful business you need teamwork, cooperation, support and shared knowledge. This is where the ‘one team’ comes into play, displaying shared Team Spirit and consequently Achievement. The sense of one team is constantly strengthened with frequent team meals and socials, such as the Kareoke evening I attended after a meeting in the Seoul office last week (that’s me attempting to sing in the photo!).

The second part of the motto, ‘one heart’ describes a vision that each and every individual needs passion, dedication, Ownership and Entrepreneurship to achieve that extra edge which turns a good product into a great one. One heart beautifully describes the close working relationship between the RB employees not only within supply but throughout all our functions.

It’s when this synergy of one team and one heart come together that provides the key to achieving all four core values. Despite this English phrase being a second language to most of the team here, they all understand the importance and meaning of this simple phrase and this focus helps them achieve the level of success which RB is so proud of.

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