Aloha! Celebrate your achievements @ RB!


Hello all, the reason for my absence from my blogging duties is because I have been in Hawaii!

Yes, living it up in the sun, sand and sea… and attending the Australian commercial business 2011 conference!

A big part of RB’s culture here in Aus is celebrating our achievements, and as we are on-track to deliver net revenue growth in the teens vs. last year, we were in for a well-deserved celebration.

The conference began with our arrival at our hotel, the Westin Moana Surfrider in Waikiki where all the girls hopped straight into a limo and off for an afternoon of shopping! We then arrived back at the hotel for a Hawaiian beach party where we were able to meet and greet our fellow colleagues from around Australia. As a graduate, this was a great opportunity for me to catch up with old colleagues from my time on the field, and meet some new people at RB!

The team gets into the spirit!

Day 2 – we all filled into the auditorium for the official conference welcome from Sandy (Aus. Sales Director) and Chris (Aus. Marketing The team On top of the world in Hawaii! Director), and had the opportunity to present to the business what each team had been up to for the past 10 months, and what our plans are for 2012. It was a fantastic opportunity to be able to stand up on stage with my team and present to over 150+ people (also quite nerve-racking!) however it added to my confidence for future presentations andhelped to build my profile within the business.

That night was by far the best of all – Rock and Roll! The costumes were awesome, even Lindsay, the Australian Regional Director got on board! Just goes to show the great team spirit within the Australia business, and that we are all treated as equals.

On top of the world in Hawaii...woohoo!

Day 3 – there may have been a few sore heads, but that didn’t stop the team getting on board for our activity day. From golf to hiking and biking, there was an activity to suit everyone in the diverse team. I went on ahike, bike, sail and swim tour. It was a really nice day which I got to spend with some great friends at RB, whilst also coming out with some new friends after spending the day with the group.

Day 4 - team building day – this was by far the best team building activity I have ever participated in! We were placed into random teams and challenged to build a boat out of cardboard, tape and plastic, then in true RB style we had to race our boats into the surf. It was definitely a challenge trying to waterproof cardboard – with some teams successful in doing the opposite. My team did a great job of working together to build our solid boat and beat the competition in our race! In this activity I was able to form new relationships with colleagues I have never had the opportunity to work with before, and gain some valuable insights from their roles within RB.

One of the more elaborate constructions?

The 4 days were an absolute blast, culminating in a formal dinner at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. It was nice to dress up and celebrate with the whole team, sharing in each others experiences over the last 4 days. It was definitely sad to leave Hawaii, but exciting in that I had met so many new people and felt refreshed and ready to conquer the hustle and bustle of the RB world once again!

The Australian Germ Team! Remember us when you buy your next Dettol…

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