Have wings, will fly!


When I first read about an opportunity with RB (RB) my excitement levels went sky-rocketing. The second thought was, “I cannot let this pass!”

It is the sheer strength and legacy of the RB Empire that leaves you in complete awe of it. If you have the inclination to achieve, RB is where you want to be.

Communications is my passion and having always wanted to work in an FMCG company because of the industry’s ‘fast’ pace RB is a perfect ground for me to merge both.

If RB is your first job and you have the traits of a true RB person you will make RB your first home. But if you have worked elsewhere before and still have your RB traits you will find it relieving going back to a place where you truly belong. In case you are wondering what these RB traits are; they come from RB’s distinct and unique culture. Their origin being the company’s core values- achievement, entrepreneurship, team spirit and ownership. Employees have only one emotion at RB- they either love it here.

For me, RB is one of the best experiences. There is pressure here for sure, but it’s the kind that sets your adrenaline rushing and keeps you on a constant high. At the end of the day you can leave with the feeling of having accomplished something and no feeling beats that one!

As part of the Corporate Communications & Affairs department my work focuses on our social media tools, brand awareness campaign and partially looking after media queries. The cherry on my RB cake is that I have the ownership of these projects and am not just delivering on a set plan.

So, if you are not afraid of being committed to your work, walking the extra mile is a way of life for you and the passion to achieve drives you, you are sure to fly high at RB!

Watch this space for my next RB update.

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3 Responses to “Have wings, will fly!”

  1. Snehal Rana says:

    So very true. I am in sales and yes it is my first job. And its simply amazing. Specially the culture. Been almost three year, Usually happens that in today’s fast paced world employees seek to switch jobs often for growth, but RB gives various opportunities for rapid growth even through the entry level.
    Happy working here.

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  2. nafees says:

    I might be interning at RB pakistan in the summer . can someone please guide me whhether it is worth it and what the experience will be like.

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  3. From my experience at Reckitt Benckiser, it’s a really dynamic environment where, of course, in as much as you’ll work within clearly established guidelines, unnecessary bureaucracy is eliminated as much as possible, giving you, even as an intern real responsibility and the challenge (More like amazing OPPORTUNITIES to make tangible impact, I’d say!)from your very first task…..So my take would be that regardless of whatever country you find yourself, as long as it’s RB, it’s a chance well worth taking!

    ‘Tomi Ogunlesi
    RB Campus Brand Manager
    Lagos, Nigeria

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