Does job satisfaction make a difference?


Work plays an important part in our lives. For many it’s where we are for the majority of the day and we often spend more time with our colleagues than with friends and family. This means it’s really important to find the right job.

To start, think about what provides you with job satisfaction. Some people see their job as something which pays the bills and nothing more, whilst others look at it as a career, where there need to be opportunities for promotion, for status and power. And for some, work is a passion and feeling fulfilled is more important than climbing the career ladder or financial rewards.

Many people will be a combination of these but it is helpful to think about what motivates you to go to work every day, and if you’re not satisfied how you can find the right balance for you between rewards, challenge, variety and fulfillment.

For example, if you need to be challenged and rewarded but don’t feel stretched, arrange a catch-up with your line manager and work together to set new targets, or take on a project that offers increased responsibility and the chance to learn new skills. Or if you are someone who needs variety, request to work on a project with a different team or department and volunteer for new tasks. You can also work on your personal development by signing up for courses to learn new skills.

For those searching for fulfilment in the workplace, this will often depend on the aims and values of the company you’re working for. If these and those of your colleagues align with yours it’s likely you’ll feel like part of a team that is working towards a shared goal. Before you apply for a job, really take the time to research the company to check it’s somewhere you think you’ll be happy.

Finding a role you find satisfying is key to this, as is a establishing a good value fit with your colleagues and boss. In other words, take time out to think about job satisfaction as knowing what you want is the first step to helping you achieve it!

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