Feel the fear and do it anyway


Those who dare to be different in the workplace are often the most successful, they don’t allow themselves to be held back and make sure they’re noticed. This means being fearless and doing things that don’t come easily, or that others don’t want to do, to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Fear can prevent us from taking action and getting ahead, yet doubting yourself and being uncertain about outcomes or failing isn’t unusual – most people have felt like this at times in their career! It’s how you overcome this that will define you to your superiors and peers as someone decisive, responsible and capable of action.

Being fearless also depends on the environment around you, if you work somewhere that encourages employees to make decisions, take risks and try something different, it’s likely that you’ll feel motivated and challenged. Recent character profiling at RB showed that many of our people share key personality traits, one of which is being fearless. Our people are given responsibility at an early stage and are encouraged to take risks, if it goes wrong we brush ourselves off and move on. This means we’re always learning, and we think this type of culture has been a big contributor to our success.

If you feel like you’re holding yourself back in the workplace, remember that making decisions and taking action isn’t only for a certain type person, it’s for everyone and just requires self-discipline. If you know what has to be done, you have to learn how to make yourself act – even if you’re feeling concerned or uncertain. You can help yourself make a calculated decision by thinking through what both success and failure would look like… if you’re worried about failure, consider what the worst that could happen is and make a back-up plan. But also allow yourself to think about the positive outcomes of your action and what success will mean for you and your company.

People who have had very successful careers aren’t necessarily better educated, more talented or harder workers. Their strength is that they don’t let fear stand in the way and they do things that others won’t, even if this means making difficult or unpopular choices. This means they will often achieve their goals far quicker than many and helps them stand out to their superiors and colleagues.

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