A German enjoying China


So, here I am now. A German, working nearly 5 years in the UK just arrived for a 4.5 months secondment in China.

In true RB style, the process from talking about the opportunity with my boss, making the decision and making it happen only took a few weeks. The whole preparation period was just delayed by the fact that I needed to get a Visa first before I could get on the flight!

I am working in Corporate Communication for over 2 years but my background is marketing with a stint into trade marketing during my time as a trainee with RB.

I travelled to lots of countries already to review the status of our corporate brand marketing efforts and especially now with our new vision and purpose there is lots to do.

What is always amazingly similar is the way colleagues are describing our working environment: fast-paced, direct, entrepreneurial, freedom to make your mark, see ideas come to life quickly, ambitious and work with like minded people. RB has a very unique culture and if you are like us you’ll like us.


I am nearly a week in the Chinese business and so far it is fantastic. No problems to settle in (its RB after all). The local HR team prepared an orientation plan and I was introduced to the brands and functions. It was very helpful to gather some insights of the Chinese market and consumers but I think there is still a lot to learn and experience myself.

In my time here I will work on a project to increase the corporate brand awareness towards students and people early in their careers. My plan is to present the strategy to the marketing director in the next few weeks – and kick start the project while I am here.

Living and working abroad is the best experience you can get to widen your horizon and open your mind to new creative ideas. And I can only recommend everyone who has the opportunity to go for it.

I am looking forward to some store checks with a sales representative next week.

Those of you who are working in marketing know what it’s like: As a marketer you cannot just go to a supermarket and do your grocery shopping – you just cannot stop yourself checking the aisles of the category you are responsible for, adjusting the placement of your products, checking prices and observing the consumer at the shelf. Sometimes you even start convincing consumers who have chosen a competitor product to buy yours.

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