A brief insight into campus life in China


In my first blog  I briefly described the project I am working on at the moment. An important part of the awareness raising program is university outreach. In order to propose the best way forward in China we need to find out the best way to communicate with students. And the idea is to do some activities outside the traditional career fairs and company presentations. We are looking into some more innovative ideas like a bar takeover or fun activities on the campus ground.

What is the best way to understand your consumer and gather some consumer insights? I think it is to become part of their live and identify with target audience. And as the marketing team is participating in home visits I decided to go and see some universities to get a feel what student life is like in China.


Spring, recruitment supervisor and responsible for campus recruitment, joined me for the day for the university visits. We met Patrick at the University of International Business & Economics, a student who will start his finance graduate trainee program at RB this July. It was great talking to him and get insights into campus life and leisure time activities of Chinese students.

We also visited Renmin University of China, a much bigger complex with around 24,000 students.

In general university campuses in China aren’t different from universities in other countries. But Chinese students take their study more serious and there is much higher pressure on the individual to finish studies successfully. Having said that, there are fresher week parties existing and the canteen is the most important social space for spreading and receiving the latest gossip and news – and that is the same across all markets and universities!

We identified lots of opportunities for our planned activities and got a better picture of the feasibilities and structures on campus.

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