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The Inside Scoop on the New Technologies Group

The department I currently sit within is the New Technologies Group – one of the 3 pillars of R&D. Last week I asked colleagues what their favourite aspects of working within NTG were and what they had gained, which they felt they would be unable to in other departments.

Unfortunately no-ones favourite aspect of working in NTG, was working with me ;) but read on to see what was!

It never fails to amaze me how passionate EVERYONE at RB is! Hopefully you can see from the variation in comments there is a truly wide range of experiences you can aim for in NTG. We have the fewest constrictions within the company which means we can be most creative. I hear a lot of people within the business who have worked in NTG describe the department as a place where you have ‘time to think’, we have the luxury to be less reactive and more strategic. This helps to develop skills essential for future management roles. Working on Durex from the start of its integration into NTG and it being a brand which has been with our company for a relatively short time has provided me with many skills I would not have gained in other roles. I have learnt to deal effectively with ambiguity, evolving technical systems, playing within areas where RB has limited regulatory experience and the ‘white piece of paper’ thinking. It has stretched me in ways which will be invaluable in my future career.


It really is an amazing environment to work in – could you see yourself here?

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Cheryl – R&D

Research and Development

Name: Cheryl
Nationality: Canadian
Where I work for RB: England, Hull – Research and Development
Education: I graduated from the University of Reading in 2009 with a Masters in Chemistry. During University I tried to keep my options as open as possible by choosing courses which wouldn’t restrict my career choices.  I chose to do a placement year so I would have some work experience under my belt before finishing University. I did my placement with GSK and split my time there between analytical sciences and synthetic development.

Career: After I finished University I began working for a company who are looking to develop pOLEDs (for those of you reading who are less ‘sciency’ – they are used in display screens). Although I enjoyed the working environment and the focus of the company, I found that I had little responsibility and next to no input on projects, unfortunately this is the case with a lot of entry level jobs. Personally I am not a typical science geek and I wanted to focus on developing my business and project management skills. I need to be constantly challenged, I’m ambitious and I craved real responsibility.

From my experience in the pharmaceutical sector I wanted a working environment which was faster to market with projects and where I wouldn’t be as restricted by rules and regulations. I decided FMCG would be perfect, looking around there are 3 big giants of this sector – but for me RB stood out in the crowd! RB has a company culture unlike any other I have experienced, it’s fast paced and challenging yet you are given the freedom and ownership to make your own choices. RB is not a traditional company, people who work here are definitely not ‘stuck in their ways’ and the atmosphere is energetic, you never know what’s coming your way next.

I started on the graduate scheme at RB, September 2010 (after a 3 month jaunt around SE Asia and Australia). My first placement which will last a year has been in category development working for Airwick. I have enjoyed my role from day one, you will find no boring induction scheme at RB – it is what you make of it! The exposure you receive on the graduate scheme is more than I ever could have imagined, my work is challenging but enjoyable and I feel like I am making a difference and impact to the companies’ success. Currently my day to day role is focused on new product development and the delivery of these to Market.  My role requires a lot of creative thinking from how to solve project related problems to developing ideas for the next BIG thing.  There is never a dull moment and my day always fly’s past – I must be having fun!

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