Field trip to the distribution center


A few weeks back my team was able to stop by our logistics center (LC) in Mechanicsburg, PA.  It was really interesting to see how they operate and fulfill customer orders on a daily basis.

The LC is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is around 115,000 square feet!  On a yearly basis they ship an average of 33-35 million cases out to customers.  With this overwhelming volume and a mere 25 employees per shift it was incredible to find out they have a 99% pick accuracy.  Another unique aspect of the LC is that they also have a custom manufacturing department.  This department assembles all of the displays you see in stores.  I had no idea how labor intensive this was.  The employees first  break down full pallets of product, then open each case and stock/assemble the cardboard display.  Finally, they repackage it for shipment and off it goes.

Our team also had the chance to meet our customer service team, who are a vital part of the organization.  As a sales analyst I see all of the orders entered in our system, and it wasn’t until after our visit that I knew about the backend operation and all of the people who contribute to a “sale”.

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