Be aware of your environment


Your working environment is made up of many factors – everything from the culture of the company to the type of people you work with. On average, we spend around one third of our lives at work, so it’s really important that we feel comfortable with and inspired by our work environment. The question is, how do you achieve this, either in your current job or when looking for a new one?

Firstly, to really understand what type of work environment and culture is the right fit for you, it’s fundamental to have a good understanding of yourself, including your strengths and weaknesses and what’s most important to you in your career. For example, if you’re someone who likes a fast pace of work with clear goals and targets, you could be suited to a corporate environment, whereas if you’re more of a creative type, you may prefer to be more relaxed and flexible. We consider ourselves to be extremely driven at RB and this is clearly reflected in the work environment, culture and people in the organisation. Fast paced and results driven is maybe not for everyone but we thrive on it.

But how do you establish what the environment of a company is like before you’ve even started working there? There are various ways, including engaging with the company’s website and social media channels, to get a feel for what values the organisation stands for and what type of culture and environment it represents. Start by taking a look across the Twitter, Facebook and LinkenIn pages of the company you’re considering – what is the tone and content like, is it inspiring, serious, engaging, insightful? Is it what you expected, what does it tell you about the organisation?

However, it’s not all just about the company itself, you also have a certain amount of control over your career environment and how to make it work for you. Of course it’s important that you find the right company culture fit to begin with but you can also influence your work environment to a certain extent once the basics are in place. For example, if you enjoy an environment that’s fast paced and focused, set yourself some additional goals alongside your designated KPIs (key performance indicators) to keep it challenging. Or if you enjoy a collaborative culture, arrange some project brainstorms or meetings to share ideas with colleagues.

These are the essentials to finding a work environment that’s right for you: take the time to really understand yourself and what you want, research the right company to fit your values and finally make the company culture work for you.

To find out more about yourself to help decide what type of work environment is best for you, why not try RB UK’s ‘Insanely Driven’ experience? It will get inside your head and find out who you really are:

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