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RB’s Global HR Head answer’s queries


Earlier this week I took up the challenge of addressing some RB specific queries raised on Facebook. The number of questions received over a matter of few hours was overwhelming. I picked seven questions out of the lot received; to maintain the original tone of the questions they have not been amended. Most of the questions address similar concerns and so some of them have been clubbed together. Below is my response and I hope you find it useful in reaching you desired levels on the career ladder!

Ques. I’m a BBA student from a backward city of pakistan. I want to ask that how can i pose my self so that i can grab a positon at those highly established firms who look 1st at alma mater. AND I have that zeal and skills to successfully handle the RB brand but fair”that” does not count at all. What all matters is “x” no. of experience. No FMCG gives a fair chance to the freshers in marketing domain. What all they offer is a ” Sales Executive” post. Why?? Moreover, they will give you a fair chance only if you are an MBA from top institutes. Why is it so unfair??


Ans. At RB the most critical component is to be sure that you have the drive and energy needed to build your capabilities quickly, and start making an impact quickly. We believe we have a distinctive and winning culture, and most of our candidate screening is designed to ensure we select people who can thrive and win in RB.

Throughout the span of one’s career one should maintain the thirst to learn and to apply the learning.

We want the world’s best talent and the best talent is not about the Business school one is from or the educational background.

If one fits a profile there should be no hesitation in trying to get the position.


Ques. Do you think customer service dept in multi national companies have a scope and carrer. If yes then y cs operations persons are said that cs is not a field either ways some of them call operations 24-7 to respond queries for Their uan and looking after other given tasks and in initial level this is the field. Given for fresh if he is a normal graduate does that thing got scope how can we build some efficency and stars to our profile rather than then mba WT are the usefull skills we should learn or some usefull diplomas.


Ans. People have to believe in their dreams and follow them. You need to be aware where your energy comes from. If you get the buzz from your work then absolutely go for it. In any industry or field you are in, you need to work your way up. There is immense amount of scope in your industry and you only need to be flexible and open to what you can achieve.


Ques. Has RB adapted how its roles are structured in order to be more tactical and reactive to the marketplace? If yes, what changes have you made and how is it benefitting your brands? What are the key skills that marketers of the future need to help RB meet its business challenges?


Ans. RB prides itself in making decisions and moving fast. We recently announced a new strategy which is in response to the changing global market place. The new strategy sees us reallocating our focus towards the high growth markets. With this we refer to the rapidly growing markets of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Indiaand Latin America.  More information about our power markets is given here

We are now even more focused on generating better consumer insights from the consumers in these markets. As a result of this our new strategy is anchored in a vision of a world where people our healthier and live better. One of the key enablers of high consideration has been the advent of digital age and superior analytical capability. If I have to distill this down to the top 3. I would summarise as follows:-

-         Analytical horse power

-         Digital marketing

-         Understanding of power market consumers


Ques. In all my summer intern and final placement interviews I was asked why our xyz company you want to join …… now since I have this opportunity to sit on other side of table now, so my simple question is ” why RB :) , what unique experience RB have to offer to any MBA graduate which other FMCG cant, why should we choose RB over others”


Ans. RB offers it employees’ very distinctive culture; some candidates who apply to us are turned on by it whilst others are not. We work in an un-bureaucratic style and are very fast paced. Here we all have a winning mentality. The most important factor is that we expect our people to be globally mobile. If you join us it is not guaranteed that you will be travelling the globe but if you fit the bill there are high possibilities that you will.

Any candidate who wants to be part of RB and achieve success here should be familiar with our core values as we strictly live up to them. Anyone who loves our work style will thrive here. We are all about achievement, entrepreneurship, team spirit and ownership. You can read all about demanding work environment here


Ques. What are your holistic approaches towards engaging right kind of young minds in a fast-paced FMCG company? and what parameters are taken into consideration to link (cross-link) and measure (cross-measure) it with organizational growth and professional growth of the individual?

Ans. The qualities we look for in all candidates who apply to RB are if their personal match with our values and culture. We are an organisation who tells you upfront that you will have a heavy work load and will need to be comfortable in taking fast decisions.

To cross link this with growth- we expect our employees to move to markets where we are growing the fastest. We believe in explorers who like fast pace. This being said, we do really move our people into diverse experiences around the world. It’s a fundamental principal here to be global.


Ques. I have a Bachelors degree and professional qualification in Management and Accounting.Having applied for the global graduate marketing/sales position in your organisation,how long will the recruitment exercise take? Please advice on what to do to make the team. AND Hi Simon, my daughter applied for a graduate position inAustralia in marketing and did not even get a reject email. Is this the standard of communication a division you lead strives to achieve. I found the can’t even bother to email candidates back approach very arrogant. What are your thoughts on this?


Ans. It is our aim of reverting to everyone who applies to us. There are various ways that a candidate gets in touch with us these days, and regrettably some must slip through without being logged correctly. It may be through email, letter, head hunters or recruitment agency. However, I can assure you that it is not arrogance driving the fact that you have not received a response.

To address some of the other issues that have been raised, at RB we encourage people to get in to internships with us. We pride ourselves for having high rates of absorbing interns in to fulltime jobs. We look for candidates who fit the best with us, requisite experience and skills are necessary for a role but a candidate should also be willing to learn very quickly. The bigger question is no matter what level you are at or where you come from- it is about what you bring to the table.


For opportunities at RB or to know more about us we encourage people to join us on LinkedIn ( or follow any of our other social media assets.


Thank you for your time and enthusiasm!

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