What a difference a day makes



Change is a large part of the culture at RB both within the company and to your role and career development. Having left India for relocation back to the UK, 2 days later I was sat in our Hull office with my new director and manager peering over a global sex survey – what a difference a day makes ;)!


As you may have already guessed I am now working on Durex, this is my final placement on the graduate scheme which I am completing in the new technologies group (NTG). The NTG group look at technologies which are not currently commercially available, aiming to anticipate consumer needs and find novel solutions to these.


 I spent the first few weeks really getting to grips with the brand (perhaps not the best choice of descriptors there ;)) – Its definitely an experience to be sitting at work with a pack of baby wipes, playing with different condoms and other ‘Interesting’ products!


Durex is a new brand to NTG as well as being new to me – so it’s doubly interesting as I feel involved in the strategy planning for Durex within NTG.


I’ve had some great experiences so far from running innovation sessions to consumer groups and even presenting to our CEO!


Keep tuned to see what the next few months bring my way …

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